Welcome to the Idea Shop Prototyping Lab

Located in the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on the Illinois Tech Mies Campus

Electronics Design

At the Idea Shop, students have access to a variety of Electronics prototyping equipment

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Additive Prototyping

Students and Faculty members can utilize Idea Shop machines and resources to bring their ideas to fruition, creating detailed, full-color models for academic and personal projects

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Subtractive Processes

The Idea Shop also has a wide array of wood and metalworking tools available to the Illinois Tech community

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CNC Milling

Idea Shop Staff and Student Workers are proficient with CNC Milling workflows, and are able to provide assistance to students

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ShopSabre Pro 408

Large Format CNC Mill with 3 axis milling capabilities

Roland 4-axis CNC Mill

FDM 3D Printer with high detail capabilities. Has a large bed size and soluble support for complex prints

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Laser Cutters

Idea Shop workers are knowledgeable about the Laser Cutting workflow at the Idea Shop, and can direct students through proper utility of the laser cutting template

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Epilog Fusion Pro 48

Advanced laser cutter with a large, 24"x48" bed size. Has two separate lasers: a 120 watt C02 laser, and a 50 watt fibre laser. This makes the Epilog Fusion ideal for cutting and engraving a variety of materials

Epilog Helix 24

The Epliog Helix is a smaller, lower-power varient of the Epilog Fusion. This laser cutter is still proficient at cutting and engraving a variety of materials

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